Get solar today without paying for the system - and enjoy the solar savings!

Plus, you will get one honest solar electricity rate – the best one.

What you get
  • Solar system installed on your roof

    At no cost to you.

  • A switchboard upgrade (value $1000) per lot

  • Solar system installed on the common areas

Benefits of LPE strata solar for you

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Save Money

Save money on your electricity bill. Start generating savings from the sun.

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Peace of mind

We own and take care of the system. With ongoing support, repairs and maintenance for 10 years. Plus, we look after the warranty and insurance.

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Feel good

You can feel good knowing that you’re helping create a sustainable community, and your home is being powered by clean Aussie electricity.

Battery ready

You’ll be able to store electricity to use for when the sun isn’t shining, so you'll save even more money.

Why choose LPE for your solar needs?

Solar Experts
We're Local
We’re experienced

We are strata and solar experts. We do the hard work for you.

We work with the body corporate to ensure the solar system suits everyone's needs. We’re local and are here when you need us. Aussies support their mates, and you support us when you choose Australian electricity.
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We're here right when you need us.

With an Australian based customer care centre and local team, we are with you every step of the way. No more confusing phone calls across time zones.
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Our 10 years’ experience in solar means we really know our stuff

We will use our decade of experience to make sure you have a solar system that suits your needs and maximises your savings, no complicated discounts or jargon needed.
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We quality guarantee the system.

Your system is backed by an ASX listed electricity supplier. We'll give you tips on how to make the most out of your solar system and save your dollars.

How LPE Solar Strata works?

With this solution, you and your community get everything you need to enjoy the benefits of solar savings - without the outlay of high costs.

Step One

Switch all your electricity supply to LPE.

You switch to LPE for all your electricity supply needs. Just give us a few details and we'll then take care of the rest. You won’t need to contact your old electricity supplier and your electricity won’t be interrupted. You can start now.

Step Two

LPE install solar on your roof – at no cost to you!

LPE will install a solar system on your roof, and you get the benefit of the solar electricity and only pay for the solar electricity usage.

Step Three

You save money on your electricity bills.

You then get the benefit of LPE’s honest up-front rate (we have the best one) for all your electricity needs plus the reduced solar electricity rate - which is fixed for the contract term.

Enjoy solar savings!

Enjoy instant savings on your electricity bills.

You then enjoy solar savings and reduce your electricity bills for the next ten years! Plus we give you tips and tricks to make the most of your solar system.

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Get solar installed for free

With LPE strata solar offer you get a solar system installed on your roof - at no cost to you. Enjoy the solar savings, plus one honest solar electricity rate – we offer you the best one.

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